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Holandaluz: A specialist in horse riding holidays in Andalucia (South of Spain).

On this site, you can find the largest number of travel offers for a horse riding holiday in Andalucia. We offer a variety of destinations where you can book trail rides, day rides, lessons or horse training on several levels. Most are weekly programmes, but we can also take your personal wishes into account. Our prices are equal to the local prices, so no extra charges.

Have a look at our destinations and you will certainly find the right holiday for your particular wishes. Some locations are situated near the beach, in the mountains or in the desert of Almeria, and others are near beautiful towns like Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba.

During our quest for our own sunny spot in Spain, we have visited almost all of Andalusia. What a beautiful region! Finally, we settled in the valley of los Guajares in the province of Granada. Just past the last village, Guajar Alto, we found our little paradise: a wonderful Finca with olives, oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits, walnuts and much, much more. To us, this is Andalusia all over. Everything is within easy reach, the beaches of Costa Tropical, Granada, the immense mountain range of the Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarras. And last but not least, our own backyard, the beautiful valley of Los Guajares itself! 

When you are in Andalucia, you find yourself in the country of horses. The real horse-lover will have no problems locating the proud Andalusian, or PRE (Pura Raza Española). In every village you can find someone who likes to ride in the valleys and mountains during the weekend. In our valley, we regularly see horses resting near the local pub.....
Can you think of anything more wonderful than roaming the countryside on the back of this characterful animal?

For us, the obvious next step was to combine our love of horses, the beautiful Andalusian nature and our new sunny spot to start our agency: Holandaluz. This is a brand new challenge for us, and we will go to great lengths to find horse riding holidays specifically tailored for our customers.

When you approach us for booking a holiday, you will be asked to supply us with all kinds of information. How often you like to ride, whether you want to go on a trekking holiday or to make day trips. Or may be you prefer to take riding lessons and have some free time for other activities as well. The number of people you want to travel with, and some information about your riding experience. The more we know about your wishes, the easier it will be for us to find the best holiday for you. 

Mail us or use one of the forms. It is also possible to call us at 0031 676 11 43. 
We work alternatively from Amsterdam and Andalusia. We visit all the ranches ourselves. During our working visits, we pay attention to the quality of the accommodation, the rides and lessons offered, and naturally whether the horses are well-taken care of and in good condition.

We work independently from the ranches, so it is possible for us to take your specific wishes into account. As we mentioned earlier, you can find the largest collection of horse riding holidays on our site. Booking through will save you a lot of time and effort.

Who are we?
Jaap & Hadewijch:

When you send your email or your reservation form, chances are that Jaap will answer your email immediately. Most of the time, he is to be found at or around his computer.

When you call us on the telephone, it is most likely that Hadewijch will answer the phone. She will be happy to answer all your questions. She has an excellent memory, and once she has spoken to you, she will never forget your name.

We both value personal contact. Going on a holiday is not an everyday event. In your search for the right holiday, we like you to supply us with all the information we need to find the perfect riding holiday for you.